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Clients include instyle germany, Robb report, Architektur & Wohnen, New Era, o´Neill, k1x, Sport Scheck among others
Reach more new customers and increase your brand's visibility with a Biographical Film Portrait produced by KFM. Our experienced team will authentically and coherently explain your offer in a captivating way, helping you to maximize your profits in a short amount of time.
A. Weber - Editor in Chief, InStyle Germany
Mr. Kolecki has been working as a Film & Content Producer for the editorial office lnStyle in Munich since 2014. He creates video productions, conducts market research and target group analysis, advises on online and video production, creates fashion films, documentaries, personal portraits, trend reports, interviews, tutorials, online series formats and event documentaries. He has in-depth expertise and extensive experience, is adept at using technical equipment, and works quickly and effectively while meeting his deadlines. Mr. Kolecki shows initiative and is fully committed to his projects, is highly motivated and dedicated, and creatively contributes to innovations.

Visitors pay limited attention to your offer (8 secs*); if they don't see a benefit, they won't become customers.

Many interested visitors of websites do not become customers, because they do not have time to inform themselves in detail and to make a purchase decision, although they have the potential. To solve this problem, a biographical film portrait can help you clearly communicate your offer and build an emotional connection with your company. This will help you reach more new customers and make your brand more visible. Use this opportunity to communicate your offering and persuade your prospects to become customers by showing them the added value of your offering.

*according to studys of The Associated Press

Fact 1
To get interested individuals to purchase your product, you need to make them aware of how it will benefit them and what value it will add.
Fact 2
Without enough visibility and credibility, a prospect who doesn't know you yet can't get enough information to make a clear buying decision.
You can explain complex information in detail using text, but you can't convey it in a short amount of time.
"Tell Your Story and Attract More Customers with Our Biography Film Service"
  • • Unser Biographiefilm-Service hilft Ihnen, Ihre Geschichte auf eine Weise zu erzählen, die Ihren Kunden einen echten Mehrwert bietet.
  • • Wir schreiben das Drehbuch mit einer Methode, die Ihre Zielgruppe anspricht und visuelle Elemente verwendet, um Ihre Geschichte zu unterstreichen.
  • • Mit dem richtigen Einsatz des Videos an der richtigen Stelle können Sie mehr Kunden gewinnen.
  • • Disclaimer: Bestehende Kundenzufriedenheit ist entscheidend, um langfristig Erfolg zu haben.

Past Cases

What a collaboration looks like
Our free initial consultation is an important part of our process to develop a strategy for your video. We will create a first draft of the video and plan together how it can be used to achieve the best possible results.
This is how we manufacture: Your entire time investment is about 2 hours!
  • 1. At the kick-off we get to know each other and discuss your target group, USPs and objectives. A professional writer writes the script and our designers create a storyboard. We bring the images to life by adding animation, voiceover, sound, design and music. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements. With our assistance, you will have a professional biopic film that appeals to your target audience and highlights your USPs.
  • 2. A professional writer will write the script for your film. We just need your feedback!
  • 3. After finishing the script, our designer will create a visual preview for each scene. Your time: about 20 minutes.
  • 4. In two days we are on site to shoot the video. We will take the time to record the interviews and accompany us in their daily life. We will accompany them discreetly so as not to disturb their normal routine.

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